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The VLA Handbook for lawyers sets out how apply for a grant of legal assistance and the guidelines and conditions of receiving a grant. It also explains the payment structure for private lawyers who perform legal aid work.

Archived versions

For versions of the Handbook prior to these changes see archived versions of the Handbook.

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Latest updates

On 1 January 2018 Victoria Legal Aid increased all professional fees and disbursements by 2 per cent. The fee increase covers all private practitioner fees. The new fees apply to all existing grants of legal assistance where the matter has not been finalised, and new grants made on or after that date. All appearances and additional preparation completed prior to the changes attract the old fees.

See Archived versions of the Handbook for older versions of the Handbook. 

Apply for a grant

ATLAS is our online system for practitioners to lodge and track applications for grants of legal assistance, extensions of assistance and claims.

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