Privacy complaints

Privacy complaints

Anyone may complain if they think Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) has interfered with their privacy or failed to protect properly their personal information. See also: Complaints and feedback.

Contact Complaints and Statutory Compliance

The person should first contact the Complaints and Statutory Compliance (CaSC) team at VLA to try to have VLA directly resolve the complaint.

CaSC may be contacted by telephone on (03) 9280 3789 or by email to

Special help is available

If the person has special language requirements or needs help because of a disability, then VLA will offer help by using an interpreter or disability support worker.

Further investigation by VLA

If CaSC cannot resolve the complaint directly, then they will ask the person to put their complaint in writing. VLA will then:

  • investigate the complaint to find out if there has been a breach of its statutory obligations
  • tell the person about the progress of the investigation
  • tell the person about the outcome of the investigation
  • if there has been a breach, remedy the breach, including giving an apology to the person or taking other appropriate action and attempting to ensure that a similar breach does not occur in again.

Complaint to the Victorian Privacy Commissioner

If the complainant is unhappy with the result of VLA’s investigation, then they may contact the Victorian Privacy Commissioner.

The Privacy Commissioner may:

  • arrange conciliation of the complaint
  • determine the complaint if conciliation is not possible.

See the Privacy Victoria website for more details.