State civil law matters

State civil law matters

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) may make a grant of legal assistance to a person in relation to a civil law matter under Victorian law if all of the following apply:

  • the matter is a State civil law matter within the State civil law guidelines
  • usually, VLA considers the person cannot afford the full cost of private legal services (the means test)
  • taking all relevant factors into account, VLA considers it is reasonable to provide a grant of assistance (the State reasonableness test)
  • whether (on the various standards of proof existing within a particular guideline) the matter is likely to terminate in favour of the applicant.

State civil law guidelines

The State civil law guidelines set out when a grant of legal assistance may be made for the following State civil law matters being heard or determined in Victoria:

  • general civil claims
  • appeal from a decision of the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • guardianship and administration cases in the Guardianship List at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • coronial inquests
  • equal opportunity and discrimination cases
  • family violence protection order matters
  • personal safety intervention order matters
  • representation of a child in adoption proceedings
  • Infringements Court proceedings
  • public interest and strategic litigation cases
  • Director of Police Integrity/Chief Examiner (Witness Assistance) cases for legal advice and representation for a witness
  • social security cases at the Authorised Review Officer stage and the Social Security Appeals Tribunal stage
  • Drought Legal Assistance Package matters.