How income is calculated

How income is calculated

When Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) calculates the net disposable income of the person applying for a grant of legal assistance, VLA subtracts allowable deductions from their income.

What is the purpose of calculating the person’s income?

VLA uses the amount of net disposable income to decide:

  • whether VLA will make a grant of legal assistance to the person
    and, if so,
  • the amount of any initial contribution VLA may require the person to pay.

Providing information and documentary proof

The person applying for a grant of legal assistance must always give VLA any necessary information about their income and any allowable deductions.

The person must also give their lawyer (if applying using the simplified grants assessment process) or VLA (if applying using the standard grants assessment process), documentary proof of their (and any financially associated person’s) income.

See also: Documentary proof of means.